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Adept Infotech offers an impressive array of services at competitive prices, as well as ready to integrate powerful and easy-to-use products. The line of the products now represented with two website engines: Content Management System and E-Commerce System; Flash USA map for visualizing and speeding up selecting location and SiteTraffic Stats Engine. Our approach to web site development supposes database driven, scalable and usability solutions. We are available for a variety of projects with different complexity and will customize these products for your specific website.

We can provide an Content Management System that is completely web based, so you can submit information from anywhere on the planet? an internet browser is all that's required. Better to use once then 100 to hear about? So please, see details Content Management System and email us to ask for demo account to use your future Content Management System and manage all the content at the demo website.

Companies refer to us for secured E-Commerce website with c/c acceptance, shopping cart, products-to-categories structure, that supports unlimited products and categories, add/edit/remove categories, products, manufacturers, manages launching, new coming and sold out, special products, as well as ability to contact customers directly via email or newsletter. Please feel free to read in details about our E-Commerce and contact for demo account of the demo Kids Store.


Feel free to contact us to get additional information and consultation.