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Software Development

 E-catalogue & I-catalogue solution 

Details: This system has both online and offline versions, depending on the demand of client's business.
The E-catalogue follows the latest concept of  "Dynamic Electronic Catalogue Generator" and generates a presentation catalogue having updated latest range of products. E-catalogue solution enables the client to add, update or delete the products himself and generate a presentation CD. The solution is fully secured and equiped with many options like printing, zoom etc.

Client(s): Sainsons Exports, JKS Exports, Kay Gee Engineering, Lusa Exports, JVS Internationals, Namaste Craft, Trendz Over-A-seas, KBK Exports, Sehaj Exim, Rainbow Trading, Kumar Exporters, Malhotra Engg Works, Aakar Modelers, Smokers Mart, Sarna Industries, Shritee Ashish & Associates

 Online Quality Control Mechanism

Details: This system needs to be installed on a self-automated production unit. The system enables the online check on the quality of production through a self-operated camera which takes photo of the products and compares the given criteria. If the product is found OK the system lets it go further to the next stage otherwise an automated PLC equiped robotic system removes that particular product from the production unit.

Client(s): Kinaki Medilinks Pvt Ltd

 Pressure Control Display Unit

Details: This system was developed to keep a check of pressure of gas in CNG engines. The system notes the pressure of gas after a given interval and displays the same on screen in graphical format. All the readings are automatically saved in excel format. The self-operated system breaks the connection of gas input to the engine when some abnormal results are judged by the unit.

Client(s): Authentic Controls

 Time Management System linked with Access Control System

Details: This is a self-operated system for the HR departments of client which enables them to keep check on the attendance, intime, outime, leaves of their employees. The system is linked to the Access control system of the entrance. The system also has the option to upload the data to a centrallized database where in the data of all branches is pooled.

Client(s): Larsen & Toubro Limited, BHW-Birla Home Finance Limited

 Compalint Management System

Details: This IVR enabled system enables all the subscribers of the client to report complaints to the head office through their telephones. These complaints are further handed over to respective departments.

Client(s): Military Engineering Services, Delhi Cantonment (Ministry of Defence)

 Tender Management System for Military Engg Services

Details: The system enables client to manage all the tenders issued by them in all the offices. The management system provides many additional features to streamline the whole process.

Client(s): Military Engineering Services, Delhi Cantonment (Ministry of Defence)

 Web-Enabled System for Daily Activity Reporting

Details: Online system enables sales executives and service engineers to update their daily reporting from any where in the field without actually reporting the higher authorities. The system also has report generation tool.

Client(s): OA Compuserve Private Limited, Renovision Comnet Private Limited

 Web-Enabled Order Tracking Mechanism

Details: The online ordering and complaint management system enables the customers to submit their queries online and also keep track of their queries.

Client(s): OA Compuserve Private Limited

 Invoicing & Complete Stock Management

Details: A complete invoicing system equiped with features like Sale, Purchase, Stock, Tax calculation, Bank statement, Challans, Credits, Debits. The system is also equiped with a powerful report generation tool. The system is specially made very user friendly so as to make it more easy to use for even a non-technical end user.

Client(s): AEW Press Pvt Ltd, Aditya Tradecom, Rainbow Trading, Sainsons Exports, Sarna Industries, Genius Electricals & Electronics, Himani Agencies, Esskay Engg Works

 Business to Consumer (B2C) Online Shopping Cart

Details: Online shopping cart with features like ordering, purchase, payments through credit card, invoicing, best sellers etc

Client(s): Sara Gifts, Sainsons Exports, Namaste Craft, KBK Exports, Trendz Over-A-seas

 Hospital Management System

Details: The HMS is equiped with all the features that enables the management to keep a track of patients from the moment they enter the hospital until they leave. Management can track a particular patient's status at any instance of time.

Client(s): DJ Dental College, Balaji Hospital

 Management System for Logistics Department

Details: The system was developed for a giant in logistics business. The system enables him to keep a track on all the vehicles and employees in work. The system also enables him to locate the current status of every project bieng handled by the company, raise invoices and calculate the costing on every project.

Client(s): RL Jain Logistics Company (Logistics Partner of Siemens India)

 Payroll System for Govt Ministries

Details: The Ministry uses the system to calculate the attendance of all the staff members and calculate the salary for all the staff. The system handles lot of complicated formulaes to calculate the salary for staff. The system is also provided with a powerful reporting tool.

Client(s): Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of Defence

 Customer Management System

Details: The CMS enables the client to keep a close look at all the enquiries by the new / old customers so as to provide satisfactory services to them. The system has many modules including an Order Handling Module and Service Management Module which enables our client to intimate impotant informations to all his customers through auto generated Emails & Mobile SMS

Client(s): JB Honda

 Mobile SMS Management

Details: Sending SMS is now a days judged to be one of the best marketing & promotion tool for small businesses. For service industry it is a boon as now you can convey your messages and service reminders through sms to your customers or our field managers. All this can be handled through "SMS 2 All" at no extra cost other than a normal sms.

SMS 2 All is an ideal bulk sms sending solution, Sends sms through any mobile set connected to your PC. Customized content management, Message templates, Drafts, Signature, Find option, Print option, Export option, Database management are some other features included in its latest version.

Client(s): Financial Advisor, JB Honda

 Project Management System

Details: If you are wasting a lot of time in managing your projects, teams & clients you are experiencing lot of hidden financial losses. Project manager helps you manage all your projects so that you can concentrate more on core activities of your business. Project Manager completely streamlines your business.

Complete project management, Add new projects, Manage existing ones, Set priority to projects, Manage dead-lines, Calculate expected project end-date, Work allocation to team members, Reminders, Address book, To-do lists, Team performance tracking, Quotation management, Client follow-ups, Project progress tracking, Payment management.

Client(s): Aakar modellers, KM Enterprises, Kohli Studio

Our Clients Say:

Adept Infotech is a world-class design firm which I am happy to recommend without reservation. We initially presented the challenging task of redesigning our entire website in Flash including logo design and translations into three languages. Adept Infotech did a spectacular job with the website and logo design presenting several alternatives and working with us closely to perfect the final design. Their expertise and judgment in this area is first-rate.